Wednesday, May 2, 1917


The Northwestern University hospital unit No. 12, which was organized under the direction of the Red Cross several months ago, yesterday received orders from Surgeon General Gorgas of the United States army to prepare to leave Chicago for the east at a moment’s notice. Twenty-three doctors, two dentists and fifty graduate nurses have already been sworn into service of the United States army. The remainder of the 196 which make up a complete unit will take the oath immediately, according to Dr. Frederic A. Besley, who is the director of the unit. The nurses’ aides, orderlies, sergeants, and privates have been notified and are making ready for duty. Dr. Besley’s personal staff consists of Dr. Kellogg Speed, surgeon; Dr. Milton Mandel, chief medical officer, and Miss Daisy Urch, chief nurse . . .


It is expected that the unit will be ordered to leave for France within a very short time to take charge of a base hospital containing 500 beds.


One purpose in sending the unit abroad is to enable the doctors to study the newest methods of treating wounds and diseases for the benefit of the prospective American expeditionary force.