May 17, 1917

Thursday, May 17, 1917

Laura’s first of 155 letters saved by her sweetheart over the next 23 months was dispatched even before the troop train reached New York City. The envelope was marked in Laura’s handwriting Special Delivery, postmarked Buffalo, NY, May 17 11 PM, and addressed to:

Mr. Jerle Davis

210 S. Desplaines St.

Western Newspaper Union

Chicago, Ill.


Letter #1, Reserve Nurse Laura Huckleberry

to John Erle Davis:

On the train

Somewhere in Canada

Thursday 1:30 PM


Dear Buddy: --

I want to call you that, too--All right?? I dreamed and dreamed and dreamed about you last night--always walking along just touching your hand. I wonder if you dreamed also.

We were assigned our berths and I drew Upper 9. Frances is in upper 7 but Bess & Mac were fortunate enough to be together in upper & lower 6. The other girls are in the other cars but none alone.

- - - - - - -

Just at that moment we pulled into St. Thomas & such an ovation!! There was almost the whole populace down to greet us. They passed us Canadian & British flags*, ice cream cones, oranges, bananas and addresses galore. Sons, brothers & husbands to look up or look out for. One old gentleman told us they have sent 2000 soldiers & their population being only 19,000 you may see how much it meant to them. It was all quite wonderful but made swallowing a bit difficult for a while.

We don't know when we'll get to N.Y. nor when we leave there. If any one knows they keep it to themselves. But anything addressed to the Red Cross Headquarters at N.Y. will reach me. (Hint ??? Oh no, my dear!)

It's almost time for lunch so I'll stop now and see what is on the menu. Please excuse the scribble--it's partly due to the train's wriggling.

Try not to be lonely and write often and come soon.

Yours as ever


* A tiny red Canadian flag on a hatpin was fastened to the page.