May 31, 1917

Thursday, May 31, 1917
5-31-17 We’ve been one whole 24 hours in the war zone and so far have sighted nothing more than a tramp steamer, away off on the horizon. The waves have been quite high and as we zig zag every 10 minutes we roll about quite a lot. The water is beautifully blue and tonight the moon is glorious even tho dangerous to us. Elizabeth Cleveland & I went up on deck wrapped up in blankets and just looked and looked. Frances, Mac, Pawly & Bess are out parading with the boys on lower deck. Last night the sailors put up cots out on deck beside their guns. And some special precautions were taken to prevent lights showing when the doors are opened. I’m getting into the card habit again but it is a social thing to do and goodness knows I haven’t many social accomplishments. Last night, Ellen Thomsen, E. Cleveland, Bess & I played 3 games of 500. Bess and I were beaten but it was very close. Later- Have been out on deck watching the waves. We’ve been in war zone since 9 P.M. but there is practically no danger as the waves are too high.