May 23, 1917

Wednesday, May 23, 1917
5-23-17 Last night we had a party--singing, reading and dancing & flirting. Some were very gay. I drew a mushy one but then it couldn’t be helped. We started at 5 this morning but had to anchor just outside the harbor till the fog cleared. They have heard that a German raider is about & also that a submarine was sighted off the Maine coast. So the guns are trained upon every vessel they see. The raider is supposed to be a boat disguised as a tramp and to look much like the Mongolia. This PM at 4:30 we all put on our life belts & were assigned to the boats. Six women were in ours #3 Miss Cohen, Miss Hoffman, Miss Alexander, Bess, Frances & I. Mac and Pawly are together in 11. We are glad we aren’t all separated any way. There are about 3 men to every woman, besides the crew in the boats. It was quite interesting. Tonight after dinner Pawly and I went up and walked the decks again. One of the sailor lads came & walked & talked & talked. He does enjoy telling us a lot of things but of course we don’t know how true they are. Sailor yarns I suppose. I certainly never thought that I’d be on a tramp steamer running a blockade. It sounds like some story rather than stupid every day life that I’ve usually had. But I certainly cannot complain that the last year has been stupid. It has been full of a little of many things and much of a few ????? But naturally I’ll take what comes and be glad it’s no worse.