May 22, 1917

Tuesday, May 22, 1917
5-22-17 Yesterday morning we anchored and a tug met us & took Emma, Dr. Besley and Pawly & Miss Powers ashore. Emma smiled and waved to us. Her wounds will not be serious unless something unexpected developes. Later we were towed up channel & anchored in the middle of the Hudson & no one is allowed shore leave--I suppose to guard against desertions. But I don’t believe there is a nurse or doctor or rookie who would turn back if they could. However, there was some trouble in securing a crew and I suppose the company doesn’t want to risk getting another. The bodies were put in caskets, draped in flags & put on deck for a short service by the chaplin & then lowered over the side to a government tug & taken ashore. Bess and Miss Poole of Evanston were to go along but at the last no one was allowed to accompany them. Polly got back about 5 o’clock. They were brot in the Admiral’s launch. They left Emma in the Naval hospital. The X Ray showed nothing but of course the wound is necrotic. She has been so brave about it all. Everyone speaks of her grit. And we are all so glad that the wounds are no more serious. Today is gray & chilly but we’ve been out on deck most of the time anyway. We’ve walked & talked & watched a bunch play shuffleboard. Then we all wrote letters to Emma. Poor girl, I know she hates to be left behind.