May 20, 1917

Sunday, May 20, 1917
5-20-17 Awakened to find the air so nice & fresh and cool. Went up on deck before breakfast. Was the first lady to breakfast. Pawly and I walked out on foreward deck & talked to the officer who was left behind yesterday & came after us in a tug. He told us several interesting things. Among them is that the gun on the stern is the Teddy Roosevelt and it was the first American gun fired in this war. The guns on the bow are called Martha and George Washington. It is very quiet today--only a few white caps. We’ll be sure to have rough weather before we reach England--so everyone says anyway. 6:30 pm At 2 pm we had target practice. We watched them throw off the target & then the boat turned around. We watched them load and fire & then Emma said “Somebody’s shot!” I turned and saw 2 girls on the deck & blood all around. One was Helen Wood from Evanston. The other was Edith Ayres. Emma had a flesh wound in the hip & one in the arm. Edith was shot in the temple and Miss Wood in the heart. Something was wrong with the gun. We might all have been killed but evidently our time has not yet come. I can’t bear to think of Edith’s people. They have turned the boat & we are headed back for New York.