May 17, 1917

Thursday, May 17, 1917
May 17, 1917 12:15 am On our way at last. A big crowd to see us off--Star Spangled Banner etc. Felt rather like a corpse, but am still able to tell the tale. Frances, Mac and Bess are all in my car, also Miss Cleveland. Edith is ahead with Daisy and Ella & Emma are in the rear car. Our train is a special c only officers (MDs) and a few wives and the nurses. PM 5-17-17 Up in time to stand on the bridge as we ferried across the Detroit River. Our meals are served table-des-hote and we pay 75 cents and are refunded it in NY. The meals are only fair. At 1 o’clock we passed thru St. Thomas Ontario. A big crowd was down to the station to greet us. They brot us tiny Canadian & English flags, bananas, oranges, ice cream cones. So many asked us to look out for their sons and brothers. They have a population of 19000 and have sent 2000 men to the front.