June 9, 1917

Saturday, June 9, 1917
6-9-17 For three days I’ve had no time to write so I haven’t. Day before yesterday we took our London guides in hand and went exploring. We saw lots of little things, such as the statue of Queen Elizabeth that used to be over the old Ludgate, the Old Curiosity Shop (not authentic), a house where David Garrick had lived, the Savoy Chapel (very interesting) and the law courts, The Temple with its interesting banqueting hall and funny old round church with the crusaders tombs. Then we found the old inn where Benjamin Johnson used to go, “The Cheshire Cheese.” It is on one of those queer little courts off the Strand. Then we went across London Bridge and saw the old inn where Charles Dickens used to stop. It is “Ye George’s Inn.” We visited the site of the old Tabard Inn and the old Southwark Church. Then we came home by the Tube which I loathe and had dinner and went to see Aida at Drury Lane. Yesterday, nine of us went out to Ipswich to Stoke Park, Lady Henneker Heaton’s country home, or rather, one of her homes. It was delightful. Lady Heaton was very pleasant and not at all snobbish. Seemed just a real person. In the evening we went to His Majesty’s Theater to “Chu Chin Chow.” It was very beautifully staged. Today we went shopping and to the House of Parliament and also to West Minster Abbey. Did I say before that the most precious things, such as the tombs of Queen Elizabeth, Mary Queen of Scots, and Edward the Confessor and Henry VII are protected from bombs by bags of sand. And the real coronation chair has been removed. Tonight we are all tired and a trifle homesick. We are so sick of English cooking.