June 4, 1917

Monday, June 4, 1917
6-4-17 We came up to London by train yesterday. We left at 11:30 and were about 8 1/2 hours coming the 140 miles. The English country is beautiful but before we reached London I began to wish I could see something besides hedges and tiny fields and stone houses. We saw Windsor Castle at a distance. It was quite imposing. We were sent up to the Hotel York in big busses. We have heard that there was more than one submarine after us and what we had taken for whales were really torpedoes. We evidently were just fortunate, as everything ahead and behind us was torpedoed & sunk. This morning Elizabeth & I came over to the other part of the hotel for a shampoo. We first made the mistake of going to the “hair dresser” and found it to be a barber shop. We aren’t at all delighted with London so far but I think it’s because we are tired. I was all in but my shoestrings last night. We hear that the King and Queen have been receiving the various American units very informally and we hope that we also will see them. Everyone has been delightfully friendly and we think English people are not all snobbish. Their accent is so funny but they seem to have more difficulty in understanding us than we them.