June 2, 1917

Saturday, June 2, 1917

6-2 -17 My but everyone was excited and kept watching all afternoon & evening and no one went to bed till terribly late and many not at all. Miss C. and I sat on top deck after the Dr’s entertainment & watched the moonlight & talked. We got to bed about 1 and then had the watch call us at 3:30 to see the sun rise. It was very beautiful. And we could see the British boats coming out--counted eight against the horizon. We reached the harbor at Falmouth at 6:30. The hills are beautiful. Just like patchwork quilts--the green fields with hedges and then the shrubbery and the little houses nestling down among the trees. Pembroke castle was very plain from the mouth of the harbor. It is high on the hill above the village. Afterwards we were towed around a headland and anchored outside Falmouth. We’re now waiting to be inspected and taken ashore. We hear that two boats were torpedoed or mined last night--one in front and one behind us. Evidently we have work to do or we wouldn’t have escaped. Evening, 10 o’clock. At noon we watched the boys go on the launch & take their departure for Black Pool. Then at 2:30 the officers and nurses went ashore. We are put up at 3 different hotels. Ours is the smallest and is a delightful place. It is so clean and white & wholesome. About 5 we walked up to Castle Pendennis & looked it over. It was built in 1542 and was quite interesting even tho it has some modern additions. Soldiers are quartered there now and it really is a fort. The privilege of seeing it was an honor. It has not been open to visitors since the war began. The walk up was beautiful and so sweet from the Hawthorne. Many wild flowers are everywhere but they aren’t much like ours. After dinner we drove through the better part of town & out into the country. The hedges and the walls and the narrow lanes and the wild flowers & ivy and everything is certainly a treat. It is like a dream rather than reality. The houses are very picturesque and exclusive--mostly walled in--but their cottages or flats or whatever they call them are hideous. But we’re all just wild about the place.