June 1, 1917

Friday, June 1, 1917

6-1-17 It was midday on the 1st of June On the deep blue ocean That the five blasts then the three Set us all in motion. Tis Ship Line No. 9 cried Howe In his quiet manner I’ll get my life belt Just in time to see her when they land her Port side watch sub ahoy Cried the Lookout Forward Man your guns Damn those Huns Starboard Lifeboat lower A belted fair one wrapped in cork Remarks “We’ve got a whale! But since it must be that He die I hope it is a male!” Then in his wrath the Captain bold Proclaimed aloud “Oh, Pish! I’ll sail no more the war zone sea If that blamed thing is a fish!” However it may seem to you We all agree to this That whether whale or submarine It was, alas, a miss. Now, doctors all, you will admit That in the point of thrills Bagging a school of submarines Is better than peddling pills. --Dr. Marbury About 12:20 pm, I was standing under the bridge watching the rain & clouds when I heard the man on the bridge shout “Port side abeam” and the sailors went tumbling to their guns around. I was so anxious to see that Submarine but just couldn’t see it & then the danger whistle blew and one of the officers grabbed me by the arm & said “Life belts” and we ran down the steps & I didn’t see anything. We all got our belts & came back into the lounge and waited. Not many were frightened but some were excited. The guns went off and we all waited until the mate came in and said “It’s gone and there’s our convoy.” But after the British gun boat had come up, she--the sub--came up again and was fired at. Her torpedoe went astern about 50 yards probably because of the zig zag course we were taking and also because of the rain. But it was a close call. We fired 5 shots but don’t know if any were effective. The British convoy staid with us then racing back and forth across the bow like a puppy.