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FORSAKEN ANGELS: IN THEIR OWN WORDS THE NURSES AND MEN OF THE NORTHWESTERN UNIT Edited by Michael W. R. Davis TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page Excerpt from Tales of the South Pacific Table of Contents List of Illustrations PREFACE DIARY OF RESERVE NURSE LAURA HUCKLEBERRY, MAY 17-JUNE 11, 1917 I HISTORICAL INTRODUCTION II BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES III THE BACK STORY U. S. Declaration of War and Base Hospitals THE FIRST YEAR IV CALLED TO DUTY The Nurses The University Men Troop Train and New York City Dangerous Journey Chicago’s First War Casualties Submarine Duel England and Wartime Sightseeing V EAGERNESS TO DRUDGERY Welcome to Dannes-Camier, Pas-de-Calais, France--and Censorship Summer 1917: U.S. Base Hospital 12 Replaces British General 18 The New World Meets Old Europe Air Raids, Troop Mutinies and Routine Fall 1917, October-December: War, Wards and Weather Reinforcements Arrive The Cross-Atlantic Mail Lag Weariness, Wounded and Infections Winter 1918, January-March: No End In Sight The Nurses Rebel Helplessly Winter Battle Respite First Leave and Sightseeing in Paris Spring 1918, March-May: German “Big Push” Threatens Something in the Air The Sweethearts Disconnect German Spring Offensive Nears The War Wears On THE SECOND YEAR VI END IN SIGHT AND POST-ARMISTICE Spring 1918, May 17-June German Air Raids Continue Summer 1918, July-September Americans in Force and the Tide Turns Chicago Base Hospital 11 to Nantes, Loire, France Second Leave in Alps The Final Allied Push Begins Fall 1918 and Armistice, October-November 11 Rumors Amidst Overflowing Wards Influenza Epidemic Armistice as Anticlimax November 1918–February 1919 Peace and Longing The Sweethearts Celebrate Patient Load Finally Declines, along with Morale BEF General Hospital 18 Closes, U. S. Army Base Hospital 12 Departs March-April 1919: Forsaken Angels Stolen Moments The Nurses Again Forsaken Their Returning Glory Missed VII EPILOGUE VIII ACKNOWLEDGMENTS IX BIBLIOGRAPHY AND SOURCES X APPENDICIES