London, England

June 11, 1917

June 11, 1917 11 P.M. We took the train at 3:15 pm and arrived at Folkstone at 5:15 went right onto the boat and crossed the Channel. We all had to wear life belts and we with a troop ship and a hospital ship were convoyed by a torpedoe boat and air ship, a “blimp.” We were put into big automobile busses and brot out to our happy home. We got here at 9 or 9:30 and were half starved. The nurses fed us bully beef, bread, butter and coffee and then showed us our “huts.” They are very nice but of course very bare. We have board beds with straw on top.

June 10, 1917

6-10-17 This morning we took a ride out to Richmond and back. This P.M. we went out to Sir Thos. Lipton’s in four busses. We surely had a good time. Red, white & blue bouquets, American flags, lemonade, ice cream, speeches, music, readings, moving pictures & a box of candy each for the girls & cigarettes for the men. He certainly knows how to entertain. Tomorrow we start to France.

June 9, 1917


June 6, 1917

6-6-17 We did not get into the House of Parliament as no one is admitted while they are in session except men, so we went across the way to West Minster Abbey & I surely did enjoy that. In the evening we went to Queen’s Theater to the Third Floor Back--admitted free on our uniforms. Didn’t care especially for it. This morning we saw the armed guard change at Whitehall — Knights of Pythias Parade -– had pay day at 12 and this afternoon went to St. Paul’s and to Kensington Gardens.

June 5, 1917

6-5-17 Yesterday PM we saw Madam Bassard’s Wax figures and the Tower. I was very enthusiastic about the Tower. It was so full of historic interest. But I do think London is an ugly place. We went to the American Embassy to sign up for passports and to have our pictures taken this morning. This afternoon we will go to the House of Parliament. We have just learned that the Mongolia was reported sunk a week ago or more so our people have probably been notified. It is a mystery how such a thing was started.

June 4, 1917

6-4-17 We came up to London by train yesterday. We left at 11:30 and were about 8 1/2 hours coming the 140 miles. The English country is beautiful but before we reached London I began to wish I could see something besides hedges and tiny fields and stone houses. We saw Windsor Castle at a distance. It was quite imposing. We were sent up to the Hotel York in big busses.
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